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Wish i knew what credit was before i screwed it up!!!!!!!!!

Skittles911 started this conversation

Hello name is Sid and i am in the world of debt, just like everyone else.  You see it all started when i left home, i was young and crazy, living on my own and partying with my so called friends.  I got a phone, cable and hydro and an appartment all in my name........big mistake should've just listened to my mother and followed her rules.  Well me and my friends were partying and doing what young guys do.  Then one day bill after bill came in and i couldn't afford to pay them all,  soon i was late and slacking.......then i was in arrears.........OUCH!  Well then i came up with the best plan i would get a student loan and pay for school and catch up on my bills....or so i thought.  First lesson in negotiating for a loan,  well i went to the bank with no clue what 29% intrest i know and once again notices of arrears kept coming in.  They say you learn from your mistakes, well i sure didn't learn that lesson quickly, i got this factory job paying me a large sum of money each week.  I was living large i was catching up on bills and since i was going to be there for a long time i thought i would buy a new  me and my brother went and he co-signed for my loan and there i drove off with my used but new car to me.  A month later cold weather and a hang over and crash there went the car my job and my brothers credit..........He now hates me!!!!!  I look back and realized that the root cause of my problems was lack of knowledge, and a self destuctive behavior.  For two years i have been clean and sober.  In my wake  i have left myself  we a huge debt with the only option left to me is going belly up!  I have heard mixed things about bankruptcy.  My future is looking pretty bleek,  so i am now writing this letter in hopes that it may help someone out or maybe even help me out.  If anyone could help me out, or  if needs any advice concerning growing up you can email me at supersid8@hotmail .com....  I am going to hold off  on the bankrupt thing for a month.  I will return and messages an answer all questions left in my inbox, provided you leave an return address.  If you find yourself with some spare change, and would like to donate to get my life back feel free to send it to me just write me for my address.  Thank you sincerly and with hope for a better future for all.    With the warmest regards,  Sid! 

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Have you checked into consolidating your debts? Consolidating worked for me at one time. Good Luck!

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